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It's bad enough that you’ve been injured in an accident. But, if you settle with an insurance company out of court without getting a free evaluation from a personal injury specialist like those at Radke Law Office, you might as well drive down I-90 blindfolded. A lot of people call Radke Law Office to take advantage of our FREE accident injury evaluations. Unfortunately, sometimes people wait too long, and then there's nothing we can do to help.

There's so much at stake after an accident: your health, your wages and your overall well being and happiness. Most people underestimate what their future medical treatments are going to cost or what they might lose in wages. At Radke Law Offices, we help people get a fair settlement now so they don't run out of money later while trying to get better.

"You Don't Need To Get A Lawyer" or "This Is Our Best Offer"
(that's what the insurance company will tell you.)

We feel good about what we do because we help people get a fair settlement. An injury accident is a life altering event. What is the insurance company telling you now? Are they answering your calls? Are you sure your medical bills are being paid? Are you getting better physically?If you've suffered a personal injury, the last thing you want to deal with is fighting for what you're entitled to. The insurance companies have changed the rules. Insurance companies have drastically cut back on what they offer in settlements. Radke Law Office fights for every dime you deserve.

Accident Injuries We Help With:

Workers' Compensation Injuries
Injuries From Defective Products
Social Security Injury Disputes

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